Why Does McDonalds Have Healthy Food?
Carl Schnackel

Why Does McDonalds Have Healthy Food?

Being healthy is doing something consciously beneficial to someone’s physical, mental, or emotional state: conducive or associated with good health or reduced risk of disease. Food is a large part of our culture, and the industry is a big contributing factor to the number of obesity cases. Fast food is full of high-calorie sauces, including food that is mostly just deep-fried. This food is delicious but has deadly consequences such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Heart disease contributes to sixteen percent of the world’s mortality rate. It is harder for people to be healthy today because you can buy a hamburger for cheaper than an apple.

Poor people are the ones who struggle with obesity more because of this fact. Two out of every three Americans are overweight, unfortunately, this number is rising. Instead of farmers being paid not to grow food, they are paid to grow as much food as possible. This increases the amount of food that is available for consumption. Portion sizes increased and food servings which are two to five times what they used to be.

McDonald's, as well as other fast

The slower you eat, the fuller you feel because, after a meal, your gut suppresses a hormone called ghrelin. This controls hunger while releasing fullness hormones. These hormones tell your brain that you have eaten, reducing your appetite, making you feel full, and helping you stop eating.

McDonald’s, as well as other fast food places, are made to be eaten fast. Many moving parts make up this complex puzzle, like large government agencies, multinational corporations, including lobbyists. All of it goes back to congress. If you want to do something about public health in America, what you need to do is change election campaign laws so that the big corporations are not paying for the congressional elections. Soda and sweetened beverages are one of the main causes of obesity. The consumption of fast foods is still increasing each year dramatically. The government and the world have been forced to face this rising problem face to face.

Why Does McDonalds Have Healthy Food?

Fast food restaurants are now offering and marketing healthy food alternatives amid the growing pressure from governments to tackle obesity. The nutritional value of food does not seem to have been taught properly in schools, accounting for part of the problem. McDonald’s and other fast food places are ramping up their advertising of the nutritional impact of their eating. In 2013, McDonald’s began working with the Alliance for Healthier Generation to develop a plan to provide their customers more access to fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy, including water. The famous Happy Meal was a point of focus to target overweight kids first. A promise was also made to market only water, milk, and juice as the drink choices in its Happy Meal deal, aimed at children, but they will still be able to buy fizzy drinks.

Advertising efforts were focused on fruits, including vegetables, to get children to want to eat them. McDonald’s has also cut the salt, fat, including sugar content in its meals. They introduced healthier options, such as a grilled chicken wrap and salads, raw vegetables, and fruit. Even though fast food joints have joined the healthy food trend, they still charge more for a salad than a burger.

They are not doing it for money since they lose money doing it this way. Not enough customers buy the healthier options to be profitable for McDonald’s and other fast-food restaurants. They do it to follow the health trend and new laws being passed by the government. The people who chose to eat healthier options appreciate the effort for healthier food options, unfortunately not many individuals make those choices.

It is great that McDonald’s and the other fast food places are making gestures towards different health outcomes for the world’s population. However, it is always better to have food prepared at home with all the right nutritional value to grow and retain a healthy lifestyle. Creating a vegetable garden is a great way to introduce healthy, nutritional food into your lifestyle. Cooking food from scratch is a good way to know exactly what you are eating.